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Traffic Building

Website Sales Optimization

More Traffic does not always equal more Customers!
In the world of online marketing your competitors are always just one click away. Let Gray Element keep your visitors from clicking the back button! We have the skills, expertise, and knowledge necessary to convert more site visitors into paying customers.

Here's what we offer as part of our website sales conversion optimization services::

  • Reduction of Bounce Rate
  • Visitor Click Pattern Analysis - Learn how your visitors are using your site
  • Improvement in Usability & Website Stickiness
  • Web Functions: Social Bookmarking, "Tell a Friend", Print View, Etc.
  • Navigation Analysis
  • Entry and Exit Page Analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization (for PPC Clients)
  • Setup of Goals and Funnels to track conversions

Website Sales Optimization can increase the effectiveness of your PPC. Website Sales Optimization can help your PPC campaign succeed. The pitfalls of PPC can be simple or complex-poor product descriptions, poor landing pages, lack of clear prices, poor headlines, unnecessary/unfocused/unexciting content, lack of expressive images, confusing navigation, unattractive colors or fonts, inconvenient check-outs, cumbersome contact forms, or an inability to gain visitors' trust. Whatever the problems may be, nowadays the best solutions are usually found by running tests on multiple website layouts. Successful testing requires not only the ability to design effective web pages, but also the knowledge necessary to take advantage of the newest testing tools. These tools actually display different versions of your website to different visitors. Data is then recorded regarding each layout's level of effectiveness. Gray Element has the insight necessary to use this data to maximize your website's rate of conversion.