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Reputation Management

In the old world the worst public relations disaster you could really have was a major piece in a big newspaper or on the nightly news. Even though this would often cost them business and create problems with the public, most people eventually forgot about it and you could move on. In the information age people can forget all they want, Google/Yahoo/MSN will remember for them.

In the information age it's not just the major media you have to be careful with. Nowadays individual bloggers, social medias and user driven review sites are causing real pain for businesses large and small.

Another common problem area clients often face are sites like, and others that pose as "consumer advocates" and have been commonly accused of intentionally damaging the online reputation of innocent businesses as part of an extortion scheme. In this environment just about anyone who wants to attack you can and in most cases get away with it anonymously.

At Gray Element, we offer two ways to combat negative search engine listings, preemptive and reactive search engine reputation management.

Preemptive Reputation Management

With a preemptive campaign we will work to identify and create positive content about a company or person and position these listings on top of all major search engines. This allows our clients to put their best foot forward and helps prevent new negative content from populating to the top of the search engines.

Reactive Reputation Management

Ok, so it's too late for a preemptive campaign and you're losing business every day due to the bad PR you have online. Our search engine damage control experts can rapidly develop and launch positive content to displace the negative listings in the search engines. Depending on the severity of your situation it can take anywhere from a few weeks to six months or more of execution of aggressive link building and press releases.

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