Use the power of the internet to sell your products and services through a network of affiliates

Internet Marketing

Online Affiliate Management

By linking your company with affiliate businesses and networks, Gray Element is able to generate traffic to your website and increase the number of visitors on a daily basis. We have experience working with Commission Junction, ShareASale, and ClixGalore and other affiliate networks.

When done correctly, Affiliate Marketing is beneficial for every company involved. Gray Element researches and analyzes which companies would be best suited to improve traffic to your website. We work with the affiliates to make sure your website is being promoted the way you intended and to maximize your ROI(Return On Investment).

Our Affiliate Management program includes:

  • Competition Analysis
  • Third Party Tracking
  • Validation And Performance Metrics
  • Negotiation
  • Management
  • Affiliate directories link management
  • Manual affiliate application review
  • Creation of "affiliates" page
  • Setting up the affiliate infrastructure
  • Submission of affiliate program to affiliate directories and forums
  • Recruitment of new affiliates through personalized emails to prospective affiliates
  • Replying to questions/concerns of affiliates
  • Fraud prevention (Includes liaison with your sales team on the quality of leads received)
  • Periodic Reports